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The 'Loop Keel' is a new form of keel that creates a faster, safer, more seaworthy yacht, but with the added advantages of a kinder motion and greater comfort at sea.
We have spent three years developing the loop keel from the initial concept. The process has involved building seven different prototypes and conducting two sets of tank tests at the Wolfson Unit in Southampton. These, in turn, have been followed up with successful physical towing and sailing tests at Grafham Water Sailing Club.
By applying such rigorous testing methods, we have developed a product for the marine market, which offers significant benefits in terms of both speed and seaworthiness. As well as fine-tuning the loop keel, our tests have proved that it will outperform a fin keel of the same area and mass, making it a compelling case for every new cruising yacht to be fitted with our product.
If you are considering fitting a loop keel to your yacht and would like to discuss how it would improve your boat's performance, please contact us direct on +44 (0)845 206 2070 or email
For those requiring technical details, we have also produced a Professional Designer's Pack explaining how to design a yacht with an optimised loop keel.
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